Give your plants the care they need.

Invest in a custom Grow Bed or Grow Bags today.

Plant Matter is wholesale manufacturer of South African, locally made Grow Beds and Grow Bags.

If you're looking to set up a project, we've got what you need.

Guaranteed quality products

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Affordable and reliable

We help you

Invest in the right home for your plants

Purchase material Raised Grow Beds in order to ensure good quality and a large yield for your grow.

The beds are great for living soil as well as outdoor, greenhouse and indoor cultivation.

Interested in a custom Grow Bed set up?

We encourage you to

Let your plant's roots breath

With breathable fabric, your plants won’t be pot bound and there is less of a chance of experiencing root rot.

Promote healthier roots and greater aeration. Easily move your plants around your garden based on the weather.

Interested in a custom Grow Bags?

We provide products that

Create a symbiotic relationship with your plants’ roots

Try out this crazy mushroom Mycelium that helps with nutrient and moisture up-take.

Protect your plant from root pathogens and increase plant health and stress tolerance

We assist you to

Start your personal potato growing journey

Easily grow your own Potatoes from the comfort of your own garden. 

Potato Grow Bags are exclusively designed for easy viewing and access to your potatoes.

Some our incredible clients

What they have to save

"Great quality fabric pots against the most affordable price. Locally produced. The owner is also very knowledgeable and always willing to help!"
- Jeff van Schoor
"Plant Matter is an incredible company to deal with and to have in the South African specialist gardening industry. Quality products, innovation and service are all things you can expect when dealing with Plant Matter products."
- Marijuana SA
"Plantmatter is currently my favorite Grow Bags! Super friendly ownerships, staff and customer experience. Support local!"
- Will Damage Inc
"Quality products created locally by people that care about what they do. Highly recommended."
- Rudolph Venter
"Great products. Fabric pots that look amazing,strong and so much better for the environment. Will definitely recommend to friends looking to love their plants."
- Andrea Thomson
"Excellent service and products on the cutting edge of new developments in the agricultural industry."
- Patrick Muller

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