Keen to get a large scale project going?

Put your roots first.

Protect your plants with premium fabric Raised Grow Beds. 

Interested in a custom design? Fill out our Custom Grow Bed ordering form and we’ll gladly assist.

We provide standard Raised Grow Beds as well as custom Raised Grow Beds. Standard Raised Grow Beds can be ordered in 3 sizes, from any of our 35 Distributors.

For custom Raised Grow Beds, please get in touch with your specified design and dimensions.

Standard Raised Grow Bed Sizes

The Novice

Length x Width x Height
0.9m x 0.9m x 0.5m (360L)

The Grower

Length x Width x Height
1.1m x 1.1m x 0.5m (550L)

The Beast

Length x Width x Height
2.3m x 1.1m x 0.5m (1150L)

Plants are able to connect & communicate with each other

Maximise space

Maintain better soil microbiology

Breathable fabric

Trellis extension option available

Durable 32 mm frames

Bigger plants and a higher yield

Packaged for ease of transport and set up

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