Frequently Asked Questions

Plant Matter is based in Strand, Cape Town, South Africa. We are a wholesale company and are able to courier anywhere in Africa whether it’s a custom order or a Distributor order.

Material Grow Bags, also known as Fabric Pots or Smart Pots; are geotextile growing containers. You can grow anything from Cannabis, vegetables, cacti to full grown trees inside them.

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No, the material is virgin Polypropylene. We cater mostly for the large scale agricultural industry, our clients require affordable, durable and reusable products. This way they are able to utilise our products over many years for multiple harvesting cycles.

We have considered biodegradable options and researched possible alternatives, unfortunately to this day, we have not been able to source a material at a realistic price and at a standard that meets our clients’ requirements.

The fabric can be recycled in the same way clothing is recycled but there are many ways to repurpose our pots.

Here are a few ideas for you;

– Use the fabric as a weed blocker on the ground. 

– Cut the fabric in circles to place around potted plants to prevent unwanted weeds from growing. You can sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or Sluggo Plus on the fabric to control pests naturally.

– Save water by cutting the fabric and placing around plants. This will reduce the amount of evaporation on the soil surface and keep the root zone cooler.

Air pruning occurs when a root comes in contact with the air on the side of a Grow Bag or Bed. The root tip stops growing and instead begins growing smaller side-roots. This fibrous root structure takes in more moisture and nutrients.

This is the opposite of what happens in a plastic container where a few thick roots circles the pot until it constricts itself.

Air-pruning produces a stronger, healthier root system resulting in healthier plants.

The fabric material is virgin polypropylene which is UV stable and can last anywhere from 5  to 10 + years depending on how exposed it gets to the elements.

We pride ourselves in being a customer-centric organisation whilst offering our best to ensure client satisfaction, product quality and an experience that leaves you feeling part of our community.

The benefits of Material Grow Bags are incomparable with plastic pots. Our products have a porous material to ensure that your plant gets the best care possible. Below are distinguishing benefits


Material Grow BagsPlastic Pots
Air pruning occurs which allows for more fibrous root growth.
Air pruning is when the roots grow through the fabric and are exposed to air  the end of the root dies a more fibrous root growth is stimulated.Fibrous roots are feeder roots that better absorb nutrients and moisture.
Roots in a plastic pot first grow to the side once they meet with the sides and can’t go further they grow downwards, and once they meet the bottom of the  pot they start circling, which then you have thicker roots which are not feeder roots.
Environmentally friendly and reusableSingle use and usually have to cut open the plastic pots to get the plant out.
Better temperature control Plastic heats up in the sun and burns the roots and microbes
Prevents your roots from being pot boundBigger root mass equals bigger plants and bigger yields 
Impossible to overwater your plants 

Ultimately, the PVC frame supports the Raised Grow Bed and ensures a stable and structured design and allows for the trellis extension kit to be added.

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