Material Grow Bags

For Any Project Size

No project is too big or small. We validate, design and build fabric grow solutions for any project size. We supply our standard range or design custom solutions on a per project basis, within exemplary lead times. We’re here to help you drive business growth and achieve your goals.


Custom & Bulk orders

If you’re looking to set up a project around 300 units or larger, we can assist with your bulk/custom order. Need extra features added? We’ve added Moisture Lining, Mesh Bottoms, Custom Handle Designs and Custom Velcro Sides to previous client projects.


Standard Range

You can find our standard range via our loevely stockists. Our available sizes:

2 Litre – H: 16cm D: 15cm with veclro side

5 Litre – H: 22cm D: 18cm with velcro side

10 Litre  – H: 27cm D: 22cm with velcro side

22 Litre  – H: 30cm D: 30cm

30 Litre  – H: 30cm D: 35cm 

50 Litre  – H: 35cm D: 42cm with handles

100 Litre  – H: 40cm D: 55cm with handles

Plant solutions

Why Fabric?

Prevent plant root rot

With breathable fabric, prevent your plant from experiencing root rot, overwatering, poor drainage, or soil fungi.

Prevent root bound plants

Unlike conventional plant pots, you’ll prevent your plant from getting pot bound.

Diminish overwatering of plants

The nature of our material allows for effective drainage.

Allow your plants' roots to breath

With breathable fabric, air pruning and aeration are achievable, resulting in the culmination of fibrous roots.

Durable, Long-Lasting & Reusable

The nature of our material ensures for a long-lasting and durable use. Our Bags and Beds are machine wash and high pressure machine water gun friendly.

Mobility & Transplant Ease

Easily move or transplant your plants from Grow Bags to cater to your plants growth and change in size.